Key Activities

During the period covered by this plan, the directors will be operating across the following broad work streams:

Research:  The directors are conscious of a relative absence of detailed information about the participation rates of Māori in sectors of the economy which are of particular importance to Māori.  For this reason, the directors will invest during this year in research which informs future funding decisions.  To this end, the Trust will shortly announce details of a national conference to be held later this year which is intended to get all of the key stakeholders in this issue around the table and talking to each other.  The conference will aim to identify strategic goals and aspirations in key industries and to plan strategies for educational achievement and skills development to achieve these aims.

Projects:  The directors will allocate funds to projects in two areas:  general educational purposes, and industry-specific needs.  Policies and specific criteria for this funding are in the process of being developed.

Scholarships:  The scholarships programme has reviewed this year to realign future delivery with the new strategic focus. The programme will be re-focussed on supporting more Māori into business and commerce degrees to ensure more Māori are available in future to fill middle and senior management roles in key Māori industries.