Section 83 of the Māori Fisheries Act sets out the functions of Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trustee Limited.

“In achieving the purpose of Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust, Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trustee Limited must—

  1. manage the trust funds; and
  2. distribute the annual trust income for activities that include—
    1. promoting educational and training programmes, courses, and schemes within New Zealand for Māori, with a view to providing educational and training opportunities, including those that have application to the fishing industry:
    2. funding the development of the skills of Māori, including those relevant to the fishing industry:
    3. promoting the advancement of Māori by—


  1. offering or funding scholarships and grants to enable Māori students to meet the entry requirements of wananga, universities, or other tertiary institutions in New Zealand or overseas; and
  2. establishing scholarships and grants, or funding wananga, universities, or other tertiary institutions in New Zealand to offer scholarships and grants, with a view to encouraging Māori to develop their education and skills:
    1. promoting research and development by wananga, universities, or other tertiaryinstitutions in New Zealand or overseas into (but not limited to)—


  1. the involvement of Māori in fishing and fisheries-related activities; and
  2. matters affecting Māori fishing:
    1. facilitating access of Māori working in, or wishing to work in industry (including the fishing industry), to—


  1. education and training courses:
  2. conferences, presentations, and other learning experiences:
    1. other activities that are necessary to foster or promote the activities set out in subparagraphs (i) to (v).”